Nothing but the best TRIKES on the road today!

ROADSMITH continuously brings new innovations to the Trike Conversion Kit market…

…all while the competition continues to play catch-up…

Cruise back streets and highways with the best cornering and the smoothest ride on the trike market.

Not only were we the first to introduce an Independent Rear Suspension for motorcycle trike conversions over 20 years ago—the very same suspension that gives passenger vehicles a comfortable ride—but our multi-point chassis mount also dissipates stress and strengthens the trike frame. And, because our trailing arm suspension features very few moving parts, it eliminates adjustments and added maintenance.

Keep your trike out of the shop, and you comfortably out on the road.

We increased the wheelbase of our trike conversion, placing your rear wheels behind the passenger seat, rather than underneath it. That means you’ll be guaranteed a smoother ride. And, with the differential positioned further back, we’ve lessened the driveshaft angle on shaft-driven models, reducing wear on your U joints.

Easily maneuver your belt-driven trike with the industry’s best reverse system.

Our system’s powerful, yet silent electric motor engages a high strength urethane gear into the rear sprocket once the lever is lifted. All you have to do is push the horn button to back up at a safe speed.

Tour comfortably with secure storage.

Our storage compartment offers twice the capacity of stock saddlebags, giving you the space you need to extend your tour. Pack coolers, helmets, and rain gear in a completely carpeted trunk that protects it all from the elements. The large trunk door opening makes loading and unloading easy, while the simple stainless steel hinge is less likely to fail than those fancy, bulky hinges our competitors use, and it doesn’t close into the storage area, robbing you of needed space.

Hold those curves like a snake through a gopher hole for a fun, safe, and comfortable ride.

The Roadsmith Stabilizer Bar, also known as a swaybar, is the flexible link between your trike’s two trailing arms—and it’s the same technology used in almost every vehicle on the road today. When one rear wheel hits a bump, the bar flexes to absorb the movement before returning to its natural state. And, because the axle is trailing the pivot point of the trike’s trailing arm, you can count on a smoother ride.

Meanwhile, some trike manufacturers use antiquated solid axle systems to cut their production costs (think Harley-Davidson’s Tri-Glide “no lean” suspension which is known to ride rough). Some also mount their shock(s) in more horizontal positions, resulting in added side-to-side bounce.

Reduce maintenance costs and keep more money in your pocket.

We’ve manufactured a completely new driveshaft for our shaft-driven models—all built from full-size, sealed automotive u-joints and a 2” diameter tube. These are the same components used in full-sized cars and small trucks. Meaning, you can count on exceptional longevity in your lightweight trike application, not to mention that finding replacement parts will be a breeze if you do need to make a repair.

Ensure your planned trips go off without a hitch.

We construct our trike axles with the same CV joints used by VW and Porsche. And, when your conversion kit is constructed with off-the-shelf parts designed for far heavier loads, you’ll get exceptional longevity and added convenience when your trike is due for a repair.

Tow a trailer and make your cross-country tour a reality.

Unlike motorcycles, trailers aren’t a danger on a trike, so load up and hit the road. Our industry-best trike conversions feature a 1-¼” receiver for your trailer hitch neatly tucked under the body. As it’s incorporated into the design of the main frame of the kit, you’ll never feel like you’re hauling a trailer. Even better, this isn’t an add-on—it’s just another innovative Roadsmith idea built right into the design of our trike conversion kits.

Ride with confidence—and in market-leading comfort.

Available on all models, AccuRide, our remarkable Roadsmith automatic leveling system is unlike anything else in the trike conversion industry. This system automatically detects and adjusts your supplemental rear air shocks, ensuring your trike maintains a proper ride height and you cruise in comfort. (Manually adjustable air shocks or bags, on the other hand, allow you to ride with incorrect wheel camber, causing premature tire wear.)

Ride a trike with the guts to hit the road safely and in style.

Some trike conversion manufacturers use a multi-belt drive system that runs through a jack shaft—a configuration that robs your trike of power and is very difficult to maintain. Not us. Our trikes are constructed with longer, stronger belts for our belt-driven models, ensuring your ride has punch.

Ride safely—even in slippery road conditions.

If your motorcycle comes with ABS, we either integrate or give you the option to integrate your motorcycle’s linked brakes and ABS systems for a safer ride when conditions turn ugly.