ROADSMITH patented HTX Front Fork

Designed in-house at the ROADSMITH TRIKES, our (patent #US D912,582) HTX1800 reduced trail front fork completely replaces the hollow cast aluminum motorcycle fork with a solid 6061-T6 aluminum trike fork that moves the wheel and all the original components forward to reduce the trail measurement for a better handling trike. By reducing the trail of the front end it makes the trike steer much easier. The original trail of the motorcycle fork was designed for a bike to counter-steer, now as a trike we steer it. That just means we turn the front wheel in the direction we want to go, whereas a bike you push with your right hand and the bike leans over and goes right. On a trike, if you push with your right hand the trikes front tire point left and you go left.

The solid design better handles the added side forces a trike puts on a fork as compared to a two wheeler where the forces are strictly vertical. Trikes add a side load to the fork when cornering that the hollow fork just wasn’t designed for.


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