ROADSMITH Electric Reverse

Roadsmith manufactures the best reverse system in the industry. No re-purposed starter motors like most everyone else, this is a purpose built electric motor with an internal gear reduction and a urethane cast gear around an aluminum hub, that engages directly with the rear sprocket. This ensures a smooth and quiet engagement and operation. To operate the reverse simply have the ignition on, put the trike in neutral, lift the lever on the left side of the trike to engage the motor, and push the horn button on the Harley models or the added button on others to back up. When completed, put the lever back down and your horn button will be a horn button again. There is a safety system that will sound the horn on the Harley models if you put it in gear with the lever up. The Indians will actuate the kill switch if you leave it engaged and put the transmission in gear.

See the video below for more details


“How it Works: Electric Reverse”

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