ROADSMITH Centramatic Wheel Balancers

Centramatic Wheel Balancers are a dynamic wheel-balancing system that will last the entire life of the trike. They self-balance the front wheel no matter the changing weight of the tire and work throughout the tire’s entire wearable-life.

You may have heard of balancing beads, which is similar concept but those need to be changed along with every tire change. These bolt-on under the brake rotors, are barely noticeable, and never have to be replaced. They will increase the life of your front tire noticeably, as it will be now be perfectly balanced all times, not just when it’s brand new!

How do they work, you’ve probably wondering? Basically, they consist of a circular tube that has been filled with small metal balls and oil. Once in motion, these balls use centrifugal force to be pushed around the aforementioned tube and will always naturally stop in such a way as to keep the front wheel balanced constantly at all times (there’s a technical physics term for why they will always come to rest in the perfect place to balance the ring, and in turn the wheel and tire, but let’s be honest and just say it’s way over our head!).

We offer these as and an inexpensive addition to our conversion kits because we will have the front-end of the bike pulled apart to install the ROADSMITH Steering Kit already!

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