ROADSMITH 3-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank

For those of you long-haul riders that would like to reduce your fuel station stops or for those that have ever run out of fuel when traveling around this great big country, ROADSMITH produces an auxiliary fuel tank option.

Made out of aluminum and located on top on the fully-independent rear suspension system, the ROADSMITH 3-Gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank utilizes a secondary filler on the right side of the bike and transfers gas to the main tank via an electric fuel pump and a handlebar mounted switch.

The fuel in the aux-tank can be transferred to the main tank anytime you feel the stress of running low. Being a trike you’ll get slightly lower mpg compared to the motorcycle on which the kit is installed, thus this option will also help make sure you are not be the needy one in a pack of two wheelers when it comes time for fuel stops

Auxiliary fuel tank filler cap located on the right side of the bike for easy access.

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