Comfort Controls Testimonials

" I installed your comfort controls on a 2007 Wing and I am very pleased. I notice that the shifting is snappier with less travel in the action than in the stock setup."


"You guys steered me the right direction with these. The Comfort Controls do exactly what the say they'll do, and I'd have to say they're the best accessory I've EVER put on my wing!" 

Bill from North Carolina


" The Comfort Controls kit is a great product. I have had multiple issues with my right knee that made it hard to bend in a position suited for the stock GL1800. With Comfort Controls, that is now a non-issue."

David H from Orange, CA


"In the past, on long rides, my knees would become very stiff and sore. Sometimes to the point that holding my bike up at stops was very difficult. At the last Wing Ding in Fort Wayne, IN, we had forward driver pegs (approximately 3 inches down and forward from the factory pegs) installed on our 2010 Goldwing. These pegs are made by Roadsmith, and Roadsmith Technician Mike Cornett installed them. We had a 750 mile trip home from Fort Wayne, and my knees were much better. For me, this was a night and day difference! I would recommend these relocated pegs to anyone having knee pain while riding. "


Lance Brozek
Asst. Region E Director



" In a word: Wow!!!!!! After 1000 miles including a 120 mile run up The Blue Ridge Parkway, The Comfort  Controls have worked flawlessly. Shifts are smooth and sure. Brake feel is progressive and solid. The improvement in leg position and knee angle is stunning! I had to ride my other stock 1800 for 300 miles and it felt like a sport bike tuck. I was glad to back to my comfort controls. I dragged my pegs a couple of times in very tight turns or on a steep driveway at a sharp angle but I am an aggressive rider.



Thanks for a quality product! Good Luck at Wing Ding.


Gerry Chinetti

I decided to buy the Comfort Controls. I ordered them Monday 1/14  & they came Yesterday 1/17 & put them on. I started the GW on the Center Stand & ran through the gears. It is as advertised, More comfortable, easer to shift & switch from up to down or vice versa. It's a good looking quality unit with brass bushings where they should be. It's winter with snow on the ground so I can't go for a ride. But based on my in garage tests I'm very pleased!



Clarion, PA.



 I am SO happy that I purchased these controls! What a difference it made for me, not only for my ankle (I am dealing with achilles tendonitis), but for my hip and knee alignment too! WOW!
The ride back to the 'burg that Friday was the most comfortable ride I've yet to take on my Wing. Seriously. And you're right- I don't need a new seat now! (I feared spending big money on a new seat or seat pad not knowing if either would help).


Jennifer Simmers

Harrisburg, VA





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