New HSCR 1300 for Honda VTX1300




Many of you know that our trike chassis offers some flexibility in terms of the fiberglass bodies that can be used for each model.  For example, as soon as we introduced the new "R-body" (initially for the Harley-Davidson touring line), we were able to adapt it to fit the Honda Valkyrie and VTX1800.  We knew that, eventually, we would have a customer that wanted the new "R" body on the VTX1300, but up until now had not produced one.


What you see here is the first HSCR for the VTX1300.  We were very pleased with the way that it turned out in terms of overall proportion and, ultimately, the customer was thrilled with the results. 


If you're in the market for a "budget cruiser", the VTX1300 with the HSCR1300 kit is a great place to start


See more pictures and info here