June Trike of the Month


"My Dad's Trike"

 Written by: Taylor Young





The month of June is glorious: The winter snow and cold has melted away into nothing but a bad memory, summer is in, and the smell of bar-b-que grills and motorcycle exhaust fill up the air. It’s also the month of Father’s Day, so it seemed appropriate to nominate my dad and his brand new Valkyrie HSCR1500 as our June Trike of the Month. Jeff Young, as he’s known to everybody else, (or “El Jefe” as he’s known to guys on his jobsite) has had his eyes on motorcycle trikes for most of my youth and adult years.

While not having owned a bike for most of his adult life, the freedom of the open road on a three wheeled dream machine was calling, and he knew he needed to do something about it he said, “before I’m too damn old to ride the thing!” Of course my answer, as it’s always been, was “you’re never too old for a trike, Dad”, but there’s no time like the present, so this past April he signed the deal on a 2000 Black and Red Honda Valkyrie trike with a brand new HSCR1500 conversion. After getting a pretty good deal on it (he knows a guy in the biz) he had me deliver it one Friday night and he hasn’t been the same since.












My dad’s been a blue-collar hard working man his entire life. He found his groove in construction, building everything from airplane hangers, to houses, to working his way up to project manager building large scale retirement homes and hotels, which is what he does to this day. He met my mom in White Bear Lake where they were both neighbors at the time, and that’s where I spent the first year of my life until we moved to Wisconsin. (White Bear Lake is also home of Roadsmith Trikes, so I guess I was always destined to return “home” after a little while.)


Motorcycles have a way of bonding people together at a deep level, and the shared love of motorcycles between the two of us is one that has only grown throughout the years. My dad is the reason I’m even here writing this today. Of course literally speaking, but he’s the one who introduced me to two-wheels and a motor. He bought me my first dirt bike, a Yamaha YZ80, and watched me let out the clutch too fast spilling it in the yard the first time I threw a leg over it. He also helped me build my very own chopper while I was in high school, an experience that changed me forever.

The smile I must have had on my face when I first cracked the throttle on that bike must have been exploding out of my helmet. I can only think it was the same smile I saw on my dad’s face when he rode this trike for the first time. He didn’t say a word right after, but the smile said it all. To be able to see that from the other side of the helmet was a feeling I’ll never forget. My dad looked like a kid with a shiny new toy, and the best part for him is my mom can’t seem to want to get on a ride soon enough either. As a son, there’s nothing cooler than seeing the sparks of youth in my parents. They’re some pretty hip people and I’m proud to call them my best friends as much as they are parents. After all, they ride a motorcycle now, how cool is that!

The last couple years have been pretty big for my dad; he got a daughter-in-law, a trike, and for the first time in 15 years he’s finally working close to home, with retirement in the not too distant future. For now though, we’ve got plans to go riding and rack up that Valkyrie’s odometer some more. Congrats to my Dad, Jeff Young, on being our June Trike of the Month! Oh, and happy Father’s Day!















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