Roadsmith Teams Up With Sturgis Buffalo Chip for the

1st Black Hills Photo Hunt

Roadsmith Trikes has teamed up with the Sturgis Buffalo Chip yet again, for a one of a kind T.O.U.R. (Trike Owners United Riders) event during the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This fun and interactive hunt will take trikers to destinations all over the Black Hills, seeking out all the cool and crazy the rally has to offer.

Participants, using a Black Hills focused list of people, places, or things (found on Roadsmith’s Facebook page), will hunt down and photograph themselves and/or their trike as proof of discovery with the object in the picture. 

Photographs need to be uploaded to Roadsmith’s Facebook page to qualify. Prizes will be awarded to riders who locate the most things on the list.

A catered reception will take place at the Crossroads area of the Buffalo Chip on Wednesday August 5th from 3-5pm to announce the winners and to celebrate the camaraderie of three-wheel riders. Trike riders can get more detailed information and register at







See below for How to play & rules, or click here to view it in a PDF.

Black Hills Photo Hunt - How To & Rules

1. Must take new photo which must contain:

a.      The person, place or thing in the hunted picture

b.      Rider/passenger and/or rider’s trike


2. The list of scavenger hunt photos will be announced the week before the rally begins in an album on the  Roadsmith Facebook page here:   


      3. Must post your photo on the Roadsmith Trikes Facebook page in the comment section of the picture you are hunting for.  See picture below for example of this 



4. The more photos in the album you take a picture of yourself in front of, the more points you get


5. Deadline for posting photos is Tuesday evening (August 4th) by 8:00pm.   

NOTE: If you do not have access to Facebook, your pictures may emailed with a full name to 

2015 Photo Hunt List:

1.      Bike with big ape hangers

2.      Crazy Horse

3.      Badlands

4.      Black Hills Nat’l Forest sign

5.      Broken down bike

6.      Buffalo

7.      Burnout

8.      Buffalo Chip sign

9.      Corn Palace

10.  Donkey

11.  Devil’s Tower

12.  Bikini Wash Girls

13.  Horse Sculpture

14.  Main Street Sturgis

15.  “I Rode Mine” Patch or T-Shirt

16.  Needles Hwy Rock Formation

17.  Needles Hwy Tunnel

18.  Mom tattoo

19.  Prairie Dog

20.  Concert

21.  Sunburned face

22.  Wall Drug

23.  Mt. Rushmore

24.  Wild Bills Death Chair

25.  Spearfish Canyon Lodge

26.  Side car