June Trike of the Month


Congratulations Danny and Doris Pickering!

Danny and Doris Pickering 2012 Roadsmith


What a distinct pleasure it was to be present when Danny and Doris Pickering of Northwest Missouri came to pick up their twentieth trike (yes, that 20 trikes and counting) at our fabulous dealer, Niehaus Cycles, in Litchfield, IL. The Roadsmith Team had come to support Niehaus Cycle at their annual Open House that weekend and was fortunate enough to get to meet Danny and Doris as they came to pick up their new trike.

Let us try to set this up so that you can enjoy the experience (almost) as much as we did. Niehaus Cycles has this “killer” open house every year where they bring in enough out-of- towners to increase the size of Litchfield by 50%. In addition, they manage to fill all of the hotels and restaurants for the weekend and put on one heck of a mini motorcycle rally right there on old Route 66 in the middle of the cornfields of Illinois (just north of St. Louis, MO, if you’re into geography).

Now, Danny and Doris happen to be long time customers of Niehaus Cycles and, in particular, friends with one Bill Burke, Niehaus Sales Manager and all-around great guy. Seems Bill has sold most (or all) of those twenty trikes to the Pickerings over the years and they are happy to travel the 300 miles to the dealership for service or to pick up another new trike. It was the latter of those reasons that brought them to the dealership that weekend… and we were just fortunate enough to be there.


Doris Pickering 2012 Roadsmith





 If you’re wondering (which I’m sure you are by now), Danny and Doris have owned a wide variety of trikes including examples from most of the major manufacturers. Were they happy with all of those trikes? Let’s just say, some of them. With such experienced trike customers, you can imagine our trepidation as they set out on their first ever Roadsmith Trike for a day’s ride with some friends. We knew they would love their new trike, but we wondered how much.

Well, we’re happy to report that the Pickerings LOVED their new 2012 Gold Wing HT1800 Roadsmith Trike and have had nothing but good things to say about its styling, comfort and handling. We are confident that numbers 21, 22 (and, hopefully, into the 30s) will be Roadsmith Trikes and we are honored to award our Trike of the Month award to such an experienced trike couple. Danny and Doris…thank you for sharing your photos and your stories with us and (finally) welcome to the Roadsmith Family!


IMPORTANT: Please send us any and all trike builds that you would like to have considered for our Trike of the Month Contest. The conversions don’t have to be anything over the top, just photos of nice Roadsmith trike conversions and, even more importantly, nice customers. We post these contest winners on our Facebook Fan Page and our company website, both of which get HUGE amounts of traffic, and this exposure can help your business and inspire your customers! So, please take some photos of your next build and send them to us for consideration. We love to see what you’ve done and what you’re working on!