April Trike of the Month


Congradulations Ken Freeland!

This month's Trike of the Month winner has been riding motorcycles for most of his life and “swore” that he would never own a trike. But, as we all know, life has a way of happening while we are busy making plans and soon our friend, Ken Freeland, found himself the owner of a Roadsmith Trike.

It came about in a circuitous way because the connection was actually through a very talented painter named Sue Hopper. Seems that Sue had painted a number of Ken’s bikes in the past and they had gotten to know each other pretty well. It was while visiting Sue at the Rally in the Valley in Laughlin, NV that Ken had an opportunity to meet Sue’s husband, Donnie Hopper. Donnie builds Roadsmith Trikes and offered to trade Ken the Roadsmith Trike you see here in trade for his Honda Rune.

It was a match made in heaven for Ken. He was getting a little older and, although he swore never to give up his two-wheeled adventures, he was willing to try out the Roadsmith Trike. In his own words, this is what Ken had to say about his new acquisition… “After riding on several different trikes, I would have to say that I did not like them. But, everything I read about the Roadsmith Trike said how much better the ride was and with extending the frame 8” longer than other Trikes it moves the rear wheels back behind the passenger seat. It also has a built into the frame trailer hitch and a six gallon auxiliary gas tank for greater riding distance between gas stops. It is really a pleasure to drive (ride).”

One of the conditions of the trike deal was that Sue would have to do some of her incredible paint work on the new vehicle. Both being fans of mythical creatures, Ken and Sue decided to create a design motif based on the movie Avatar. The pictures speak for themselves, but suffice it to say that Ken doesn’t go very far on his Roadsmith Trike before being asked to stop for photographs. He regularly steals the show at local car and motorcycle events and has even won a number of awards for his custom trike. Congratulations to Ken Freeland, Sue Hopper, Donnie Hopper for an amazing one of a kind Roadsmith trike, and a special thanks to photographer Paul Herold of the Rock Store in Cornell, CA for some award winning photos.

Attention: Customers and Dealers, please send your trike photos, with any accompanying stories, to Doug Lindholm doug@trikeshop.com to be considered for future Trike of the Month Awards.  Winners will, in most cases, be used in our national advertising campaign as well as promoted heavily on the website and our Facebook Fan Page.