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New Gold Wing Controls Dramatically Improve Ride Position

The most common complaint for any Gold Wing rider has always been the cramped seating and peg position on the iconic touring machine.  While arguably the most comfortable long-distance touring motorcycle on the market, the Gold Wing has always come up short on leg room, especially for those riders with a longer in-seam.

Enter our new Roadsmith Comfort ControlsTM for Gold Wing motorcycles built from 2001 to current. Although nearly unnoticeable when installed, the new controls actually move both foot pegs and the brake and shift levers forward 3 inches and down 1 inch using a collection of machined parts and linkages that bolt on to the bike. The result is one that must be felt to believe, and provides an incredibly improved riding position that will now allow Gold Wing riders to realize the long-distance cruising potential of their machines without the aches and pains of cramped legs and knees.

Comfort ControlsTM are available for both Gold Wing motorcycles, as well as trikes, and have little effect on the cornering clearance of the motorcycle.  In addition to more comfortable seating, the newly positioned controls also move the foot pegs forward enough to allow much quicker and easier access to the ground for your feet when coming to a stop. This accessory works well with floorboards and heel/toe shifters such as Kuryakyn part #4038.


"In the past, on long rides, my knees would become very stiff and sore, sometimes to the point that holding my bike up at stops was very difficult. At the last Wing Ding in Fort Wayne, IN, we had Comfort Controls installed on our 2010 Goldwing. We had a 750 mile trip home from Fort Wayne, and my knees were much better. For me, this was a night and day difference! I would recommend these relocated pegs to anyone having knee pain while riding."

Lance Brozek
Asst. Region E Director


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The price is $699 for the set and typical shop installation rates should run around $100. If you have any questions about Comfort ControlsTM please contact Roadsmith at 800-331-0705 or email

Here are some photos of the Comfort Controls following installation (some with covers removed to better show the inner workings of the product).