Introducing the All-New Roadsmith HTS1800!


March 9th,2013 Daytona Beach, FL-

New product introductions can be one of the most challenging and rewarding activities a company will undertake and the comparisons to having a baby are readily apparent from beginning to end.  First, there’s the planning phase (this one often skipped in the baby analogy) where you talk about wanting to "add to the family" and begin to hope for a particular sex or intellect. Then there’s the anticipation as the project begins to take shape and grow, all the while being nurtured by the "parents." 

There are the usual hiccups along the way with minor scares or setbacks, usually overcome with some old-fashioned determination and tenacity.  And then, there is that moment when your "baby" finally arrives and you hold your breath as friends (consumers) and family (dealers) see your "baby" for the first time and make their own observations about the new arrival’s rightful place in the family.

That’s pretty much what we’ve been going through recently, but we’re happy to say that our new "baby" is finally here and, just like any proud parent, we think it’s the most beautiful baby ever born.

We are proud to introduce the all-new Roadsmith HTS1800, designed for 2012 and newer Gold Wing GL1800s, the latest conversion to the Roadsmith family! After months and months of design, hard work, and shear dedication from our team, it's finally arrived just in time for the 72nd Annual Daytona Bike 2013. Working tirelessly on every meticulous feature, the new HTS breaks the mold for traditional trike design and function.
In addition to its stunning, contemporary design, there are some very practical new features of this kit that should appeal to both consumers and dealers alike. The stylish and durable running boards are now easier to install and offer more structural integrity than ever before.

(Note: Paint integrated side panels not included)

One of the biggest new features of the new model (literally) is a larger trunk.  Not only is the opening considerably larger for easier access, but the actual trunk is slightly larger, as well.  Notice the sleek, retractable wire supports for the trunk lid that allow unrestricted access to the trunk opening.

Finally, there are some newly revised components and improvements that promise to expedite the installation process and improve the overall functionality of the kit.  In the end, this new model introduces some interesting new features and benefits and becomes a suitable complement to the existing HT1800.


We’ll have three different color combinations on hand at Bike Week and will be hosting consumers and the press for a week of display and evaluation.  We are excited to introduce this newest trike design to the world, and hope each and every one of you can see it in person soon!











Check out the HTS1800 page under our trikes section here for more information.