March Trike of the Month

Congratulations Greg Ryle!


"Where In the World is Greg?"





That’s a question that gets asked a lot by people who know Greg Ryle, the very deserving recipient of our March Trike of the Month award.  You see, Greg is one of those lucky guys that has figured out a way to get his work done in a more condensed period of time during the week, leaving him plenty of opportunity to pursue his hobby and passion, riding his Roadsmith Trike. 


Living in northern Delaware with his wife of 29 years, Greg has spent most of his life riding motorcycles with his first foray into the sport being a much contested motorcycle purchase at age sixteen.  “My dad said it was me or the motorcycle that had to go,” says Greg with a smile, “but eventually I was able to win him over, turning him and my two brothers into motorcycle enthusiasts, as well.”











Greg went on to become an aircraft mechanic, and pilot, with some interesting life experiences along the way.  He spent 20 years working overseas as both a pilot and mechanic in West Africa and Haiti involved with missionary and healthcare  organizations, a noble and rewarding humanitarian contribution to be sure.


Upon returning from overseas, Greg purchased a 2008 Harley-Davidson Ultra two-wheeler upon which he and wife Cheryl logged nearly 23,000 miles. He eventually had to have two knee surgeries that threatened to stop him from riding, but he refused to give in.  His knee replacements took place in late 2011 and it was early in 2012 that Greg decided a trike would be the perfect solution to keep his new knees in the breeze.  He contacted West Berlin, NJ Roadsmith Dealer Ace Motorworks and, following an exhaustive search of every trike available, made the choice to do a Roadsmith conversion.  As you can see, the guys at Ace Motorworks really know what they’re doing and the transition from the two-wheeled version of this beautiful black and sunglow Ultra to the three-wheeled version was seamless.



















Since “triking” his ride, Greg has continued to keep the throttle rolled on at all times and has already logged over 11,000 miles on his Roadsmith Trike.  His travel destinations read like a “Best Roads of Motorcycling” list and he has plans to add quite a few more in the coming months and years.  Tale of the Dragon, Cape Hatteras, Niagara Falls, 400 miles of Rt. 6, etc., just to name a few, with a future trip to Key West scheduled for him and his wife in April.  He even participated in one of the “Iron Butt” contests covering 1,072 miles on his trike in under 18 hours.  Clearly, you will never see moss growing on this rolling stone!


In closing our interview with Greg, we asked him if there was anything that he would like to add.  He immediately said “I looked at all of the trikes and the Roadsmith was the one that had everything I was looking for.” He went on to say “I spent a lot of money getting my bike just the way I wanted it and the Roadsmith was the perfect fit when I decided to trike.  I simply couldn’t be happier with my decision!”




















We couldn’t be happier to have such an enthusiastic customer, supported by our incredible dealer Ace Motorworks  We look forward to seeing Greg and Cheryl on the road at some point in the future and, given the amount of time they spend there, it’s bound to happen.




Attention: Customers and Dealers, please send your trike photos, with any accompanying stories, to Doug Lindholm to be considered for future Trike of the Month Awards.  Winners will, in most cases, be used in our national advertising campaign as well as promoted heavily on the website and our Facebook Fan Page.