February Trike of the Month


Congratulations Keith Harris!

February’s Trike of the Month winner, Keith Harris, has just about the biggest thirst for life you’ll find in a motorcycle/trike enthusiast. Spend any amount of time with him and you’ll quickly realize he’s as bright and warm as the very sunshine state he lives in. Keith was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but moved to Fairbanks, Alaska (now we can understand why he’s in Florida today) for a construction job in his early 20’s. That’s where he developed his love for aviation, and as often times happens, his passion developed into a full fledged career. For 42 years Keith flew private corporate clients all over, piloting everything from propeller aircraft to jet engine airplanes. He made the move south to Jacksonville later on in his career, where he owned and operated his own private pilot business up until his retirement. Keith now resides in Ormond Beach, Florida with his wife Grovette.


Keith’s first motorcycle was a Triumph GR1000 which he bought in his teens, but it would not be until many years later in Florida until he twisted the throttle of a bike after that. After some significant time in the saddle of a Yamaha V-Star, he decided it was time to step up to something more comfortable for long distance rides, as he and his wife were doing 7-9,000 miles a year on that bike. Naturally, he felt that a trike would be the best route to go, and  that’s where the research stage came in; he researched just about every make and model trike kit on the market, working tirelessly to ensure he made the best decision possible. After digesting all the information out there, Keith made a solid decision to go with a Roadsmith Trike. As fate would have it, Keith discovered his current love on the showroom floor of The Trike Shop of Daytona Beach during Biketoberfest 2013.  A white pearl, 2012 Roadsmith HT1800 loaded with practically all the bells and whistles at a very adolescent age of only 10,000 miles. His wife, an avid motorcyclist in her own right, was quick to take the V-Star so they could ride side by side on the sunny streets of Florida. Now, with just over 1,000 miles on the trike, he has plans to take a trip to the Smokey Mountains on it this summer. He’s one of the lucky ones who can ride year round so we’re pretty confident he’ll be racking up the miles quickly as the year goes on as well.


Being that this was his first Gold Wing, one of Keith’s initial comments was how many buttons there were on the motorcycle (something we can probably all relate to after a first experience on a Gold Wing!). After one glance, it can be a bit like trying to pilot one of the Apollo space shuttles, not being sure whether you’re hitting the radio button, or the nitrous oxide booster. Thankfully he’s a new member of the G.W.R.R.A., so we’re sure there’s a few guys there who’d be happy to help him out. One thing that did come natural to him was the transition from two-to-three wheels. Even though this was his first trike experience, he picked it up very naturally. He attributed that to feeling so comfortable on the machine, and says the running boards really helped to remind him to not put his feet down ever. When asked what he enjoys most about the Roadsmith, he won’t hesitate to let you know. “It is just SO smooth!” he exclaimed, “It’s like having power steering with the rake kit, the suspension is unparalleled to anything else, and it’s just an overall sweet running trike!”


Well we couldn’t be any happier for Keith and his new ride, and wish him many safe and enjoyable miles down the road ahead. As always, a big thanks to Anne and Dan down at The Trike Shop of Daytona Beach. Keith made sure to mention that the attention to detail and time they spent with him made the process even easier. Congratulations Keith!

Attention: Customers and Dealers, please send your trike photos, with any accompanying stories, to Doug Lindholm doug@trikeshop.com to be considered for future Trike of the Month Awards.  Winners will, in most cases, be used in our national advertising campaign as well as promoted heavily on the website and our Facebook Fan Page.