New Roadsmith HDTR Wins "2011 Motorcycle Design of the Year"

Everything was down to the wire in the weeks leading up to the V-Twin Expo by Easyriders, where we had our debut unveiling of the Roadsmith HDTR. Through the hard work and dedication of our crew, and then through winter storms of colossal proportions, we were able to make it down to the show in Cincinnati on time, where the HDTR was awarded the “2011 Motorcycle Design of the Year”! This is a highly regarded, and respected award judged by leaders and innovators in the motorcycle industry.

Countless hours of designing, engineering, CAD drawing, cutting and fitting went into the creation of the third, and latest member of our family of H-D touring trikes. Some of the HDTR’s unique features include,

·         Retro inspired design in the fenders

·         Integrated taillights

·         Single handed lockable paddle latch (Industry first)

·         Larger trunk opening

·         Fender returns at front and back of body for superior strength

To see more on the Roadsmith HDTR, check out its full list of features and options by clicking below