December Trike of the Month


Congratulations Phil & Mary Meier!

We are fortunate, here at Roadsmith, to have legions of great customers that have stayed with us for many years and remain extremely loyal to our products.  One of those customers would certainly be our friend, Phil Meier.  As you can see by the photo, Phil is a true Roadsmith fan and worthy of our Trike of the Month award. 


What you see here is Phil's transition from a meticulously maintained 2004 HT1800 (with 106,000 trouble-free miles on it), to our newest model, the HTS1800 on a new 2013 Wing.

Phil is no stranger to motorcycling, having started to ride when he was in his early teens.  Like many others of his generation, he started out on a series of Hondas (from a 50cc to a 350cc and on to a 400cc) and then took a little detour with a very unique Harley-Davdison Black & White 250 Sprint. 

Ultimately, he would return to the Honda family with a series of Gold Wings starting with a GL1500 in 1989, a 2001 GL1800 and then on to the 2004 GL1800 you see pictured here.  That 2004 was converted to a trike after a friend shared the trike experience with Phil and he was hooked.  After 106,000 miles, he was ready to move up to a new bike and, of course, Roadsmith factored into the picture with its new HTS1800 trike kit. 

Phil and his wife of 40 years, Mary, are seasoned "mototravelers" and have been very happy with their Roadsmith trike.  We're sure this new trike will be just as dependable as the previous one and we wish them many miles of safe, trouble-free miles.  We would like to thank Phil for sharing his trike and his story with us!

Attention: Customers and Dealers, please send your trike photos, with any accompanying stories, to Doug Lindholm to be considered for future Trike of the Month Awards.  Winners will, in most cases, be used in our national advertising campaign as well as promoted heavily on the website and our Facebook Fan Page.