Honda Brake Recall



To: All Roadsmith Trike Owners


Subject: Honda Safety Recall – NHTSA Recall Number: 15V-700





Why the recall and who is affected?


Honda is recalling certain model year 2001-2010, and 2012-2015 GL1800 motorcycles. The

rear brakes of the affected motorcycles may drag after the brakes are released.



Honda has determined that under conditions where the brake fluid is subject to prolonged aging

due to a lack of maintenance (i.e., the brake fluid is not replaced for a long period of time despite

the published maintenance schedule of replacement every 12,000 miles or two years, whichever

comes first), deposits may form within the brake fluid. If sufficient deposits are formed, they can

result in a malfunction of the secondary master cylinder, which may cause the rear brake to drag.

(Honda Service Bulletin: GL1800 #23)


By Honda’s design, the secondary master cylinder (SMC) is linked (hydraulically) to the rear

master cylinder. A malfunctioning SMC may cause the rear brakes to drag.




Does this recall affect Roadsmith HT/HTS1800 (triked GL1800)?


During installation of Roadsmith conversion kits, the SMC on the motorcycle is disabled. Honda’s

repair procedure states: If the vehicles’ secondary master cylinder (SMC) is removed, or the SMC

has no brake fluid flow or connections, this recall does not apply. By disabling the SMC during the

conversion process, there is no mechanical or fluid flow link between the SMC and rear master

cylinder on Roadsmith triked GL1800 motorcycles.


What should you do?


Please contact your local servicing Honda dealer and make an appointment to have your trike

inspected. The dealer will verify the SMC has been disabled, and record the inspection of your

trike with American Honda Motor Co.



If there are any questions on this please call Roadsmith directly at 800-331-0705.