November Trike of the Month


You're Never Too Old For a Trike!

Congratulations Charlie Hicock





















Charlie and his girlfriend at the 2012 Davis Rally in New Hampton, IA


 When are you too old to ride a trike?  Well, if you ask our Trike of the Month Winner, Charlie Hicock, the answer would probably be “Never!”  You see, Charlie Hicock happens to have already passed his 84th birthday and, apparently, has no intentions of giving up riding… “As long as the weather is good,” he says.  As a retired military man and disabled veteran, Charlie knows how sweet life can be at his age.  With his girlfriend on the back, he travels on his Roadsmith Trike whenever he can and recently rode to Connecticut for a family reunion from his home in Moline, IL… all by himself.  “I rode 656 miles in one day and it was just as comfortable as can be” he says.











Charlie’s ride is a candy red 2012 Honda GL1800 with a Roadsmith kit which includes the auxiliary fuel tank that he just raves about.  “I’m rolling down the road, get to a quarter of a tank, flip a switch and I’m full again!” he exclaims.  The kit was built by Hopper Custom Trikes in Lockridge, IA and, following its completion, has undergone additional improvements with custom painted covers and some Wing Bling additions on the dash and elsewhere.  Following closely behind Charlie’s rig is a “Mustang design” trailer built by Custom Trailers out of Cincinnati. 









We asked Charlie what his favorite feature was on the trike and he said, “The trunk.”   He went on to say “I not only like the looks of the trunk, but there’s lots of space in there and it’s very easy to access because of the way it’s designed.”  When we asked him if he had any other thoughts he’d like to share… he said, simply, “I guess I’m just a Roadsmith man.”  We’re happy he is and wish him many, many more happy years and miles on his trike!






Attention: Customers and Dealers, please send your trike photos, with any accompanying stories, to Doug Lindholm to be considered for future Trike of the Month Awards.  Winners will, in most cases, be used in our national advertising campaign as well as promoted heavily on the website and our Facebook Fan Page.