November Trike of the Month


Congratulations Trevor & Kaye!


G'Day USA!


The United States is home to 2,057 designated historical landmarks, over 4,500 miles of breathtaking mountain ranges, 95,471 miles of shoreline, and thousands of winding miles of historic routes and trails. November’s Trike of the Month winner has traveled the lion’s share of that, and we’re proud to say they carry the Roadsmith badge.


Let us introduce Trevor and Kaye Blackley, a true touring couple hailing from Victoria, Australia. The Blackleys took six months off this year to tour around on a 2012 Harley-Davidson Ultra-Classic, with merely 300 miles on the odometer to start off with, and had the Roadsmith Factory in Minnesota install a new HDTR trike conversion on it. After doing some pretty extensive research on the available trike options out there, Trevor opted for the Roadsmith because of a “clear attention to detail and quality in the engineering.”


(Trevor & Kaye picking up the trike for it's maiden voyage)

Upon picking up the trike in Minnesota (where the closest thing to Australia is the local Outback Steakhouse) they pointed that ember red batwing fairing due south to pick up a trailer for the duration of their trip. Not just any trailer however, Trevor’s very own custom Trevaye Camper Trailer (  that he makes in Australia, which even come equipped with solar panels. Trevor’s business idea was born after he grew tired of sleeping on the ground in tents while on long motorcycle trips. “I wanted to move up to something with more luxury” says Trevor, and thus a business began.


The leather clad motorcycle bug got into Trevor at an early age in Australia, after he and his father restored a 1930’s British AKD bike. With a hard tail frame, 2-stroke engine and a girder front end, he was gone for good; and forty years with countless bikes (and trikes) later, he ain’t back yet. During his growing years on two wheels, Trevor developed an immediate love for the long distance touring lifestyle.


(Trevor at the Grand Tetons, Wyoming)

Fortunately for him, he found a charming gal named Kaye to accompany him on that long distance journey of life, and that shared love is what brought them here.

During the four month tour they traveled through 47 states (missing Alaska, Hawaii, & Delaware), Canada, and racked up just over 25,000 miles! That’s 6,250 miles per month, 1,562.5 miles a week, or 223.2 miles a day, (is it just me, or does my bum hurt all of a sudden) all without a major issue.

 (Trevor at Orange Country Choppers)

Some of the most memorable experiences and sights seen were traveling the Iceland Highway in Jasper, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies, the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains, the Black Hills, and (for Trevor) the Harley Davidson Museum, which was like Mecca according to him.


When asked how the trike performed throughout the voyage, Trevor didn’t hesitate to let us know.


“Wonderful!  We traversed everything from smooth curvy roads, to rutted out pavement littered with pot holes, cracks, and inches of water running over them. The trike performed with precision, steered very easily, and was more than capable of handling any road we traveled. It was a mechanically flawless trip with the Roadsmith, and most importantly, Kaye was happy that she felt so safe and secure.”

(Trevor & Kaye at the Badlands in South Dakota)

Trevor and Kaye were very thankful to everyone they met throughout the journey and in some parting words back home wrote:


We loved meeting you all. I reckon one day all you blokes and sheilas might wander "down under" and we'll shout you a cold tinnie from the esky, cook up some grub, pull up a pew under the Mulga tree and tell a few yarns.


(In English - We will welcome you to Australia, to drink some beer and have a talk)


Sounds good to us, ride on Blackleys!


























(Trevor at the Trike Owners United Ride hosted by Roadsmith in Sturgis, SD 2013. Trevor actually won the grand prize electric guitar at the T.O.U.R. reception, but he graciously donated it to charity after he didn’t have room to travel with it.)




















 (Trevors Custom Camper trailer)





















(Canadian Rockies - Columbia Icefields)




















(Trevor trying to pick up a National Monument)




















(Mesa Verde, Colorado)






















(Blue Ridge Parkway Appalachian Mountains 460mile road on top of the mountain ridges)













(Before-After-Before: Trevor actually had to 'de-convert' his trike back to a two-wheeler in order to be imported and registered in Austraila. With the bike & trike kit shipping seperatley, he will re-convert once he's back.)


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