Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What does a steering kit do?

It pushes the front axle ahead to reduce the trail in the front end and gives you more mechanical leverage.  It acts like power steering and reduces steering effort.  Trikes are typically difficult to steer if this option is not chosen.

2.  How does the independent suspension work?

Independent suspension is the concept of keeping each wheel independent of the other.  When one tire hits a bump just that wheel moves, not the entire axle.  This provides a much smoother ride.  This is particularly important for trikes because of the steering situation.  A rough riding rear end can negatively affect steering of the trike as well.

3.  Can I install the kit myself?

Yes, there are detailed instructions with diagrams available.  There is no welding or alignments necessary to install our kits.  We highly recommend having one of our professional dealers install your trike kit to ensure the best possible quality fit and finish.

4.  After converting can it go back to a 2 wheel bike?

Yes, depending on the model there may be some cosmetic modifications.  However, we are confident once you ride your trike you will never want to go back.

5.  How does the reverse gear work?

Reverse gear is offered for the Harley Davidson kits.  It has a 12 V electric motor that goes through a gear reduction box to produce extremely high torque.  A gear at the end of the motor mechanically engages into the rear sprocket.  You then lift the lever on the left hand side of the trike, then push and hold the horn button to back up.  The trike will slowly back you out.  When finished, you put the lever back down and the horn button is used as a horn again.  We prefer this method versus the transmission methods which can go very fast and can be dangerous.

6.  How does the auxiliary gas tank work?

We offer an auxiliary fuel tank on the Goldwing models.

The HT1800 has a separate 5 gallon fuel tank that fills through a filler neck mounted in the body.  We recommend running your front tank down until the low comes on.  Then, simply flip our switch up and two LED lights will come on.  The fuel is transferred up to the front tank in about 10 minutes.  You will notice one of the LED lights went out.  This confirms that all 5 gallons have transferred to your front tank and you are full again.

On the HT1500 you still fill a separate tank, just simply flip a toggle switch to switch between front and rear tank.

7.  How is the gas mileage?

Most people see a drop of approximately 3-5 mpg.

8.  How long will it take to receive my kit after I order?

Depending on the time of season, plan approximately 3-6 weeks after order is placed.  Your bike will actually only be out of commission for about 2 days.

9.  What is the cost of a trike conversion?

It depends on the model of your bike and the options and accessories you choose.  You can get a pricing sheet under the 'PRICE' tab for your bike's model on our website.

10.  How do I become a dealer?

If you are in the motorcycle business and are interested in being part of the next generation of bike builders please contact us.

11.  How many dealers are there now?

We have approximately 115 Roadsmith dealers.  Make sure to use our zip code locator found under the 'DEALERS' tab on our website to find the closest dealer near you.

12.  Roadsmith Warranty - does the conversion void the bike's factory warranty?

The Roadsmith kit comes with a 3 year/ million mile warranty.  You should check with your motorcycle dealer as to what they will cover on the front end.  We now offer a Mechanical Service Contract for extra protection if necessary.

13.  How will it ship?

The kits are packaged securely into crates and shipped via Old Dominion Freight Lines.  You can call us for a rate quote.